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The Mail Order Catalogue
1995 ~ 2005
The Mail Order Catalogue is a self-published, artist book series made in collaboration with Maura Doyle. Until 2005, The Mail Order Catalogue was released annually and distributed primarily by mail to our subscribers, but also through a network of friends and galleries in Canada and abroad. Collaboratively drawn pages loosely illustrate ideas and items for sale. For a small price, customers can take a chance on unusual products such as “Tips for the Modern Primitive”, “Lucky Stick” or “Masterpiece”.

The catalogue offers an alternative network to collect and buy art directly from the source. Instead of selling at art market prices, we borrowed from the early 1990’s dollar store boom, offering ultra low prices, minimal craftsmanship, and obvious gimmick. With profit never appearing on our business plan, the catalogue functions as a community of people interested in exchange, interaction and participation. Three issues of the catalogue were produced while one or both of us were living in Japan. We intend to produce a book in the future that will incorporate all the catalogue issues, sample items and correspondence from customers.